Membership Benefits

• New member recognition
• Rotating speaker programs
• Access to member-only events
• Weekly newsletter
• Highly competent, high-achieving professionals in various disciplines
• Increased business opportunities
• Top quality networking opportunities
• Networking training, opportunities and experience

We are thrilled in your interest in BRG and look forward to having you as a member!

Becoming a Member

What’s so special about BRG?

To qualify for membership, an individual must meet ALL of the following criteria:
• The candidate must have at least two years of experience in a qualified field.

• The candidate must be currently involved in profession.

• The candidate shall demonstrate support for the BRG’s statement of purpose as set forth in the Bylaws.

Application Procedure:

1) Prospective members must attend two meetings. An application and a copy of the Bylaws will be given to each qualified individual at the second meeting. The applicant must submit an application to the membership chair together with the membership dues.

2) An interview will be conducted at the applicant’s place of business.

3) The interviewer will report at the next meeting and a vote of members shall take place. Voting will be in writing. An application will be rejected if three of those members present vote against the applicant. No proxy votes will be accepted.

In the event that two or more applications are received for the same category, a ‘speak off’ will take place. Each applicant will speak for five minutes after which the members shall vote and the person receiving the most votes shall be accepted.

An applicant that is not accepted will receive their application fee back. However, an applicant that is accepted and subsequently decides not to join, shall not receive a refund of any part of the dues paid.
4) The application fee is $400 and it is renewable annually at $300 per year.
5) Once the new member is voted in, he/she will be responsible to pay the quarterly dues for the lunches in advance.