BRG members get the chance to present their business and share expertise

Every BRG member gets the opportunity at least once a year to showcase their goods or services as the featured speaker at a luncheon meeting. These presentations also give us the opportunity to better educate members how they can do business with us, what our perfect referral is, and give one another updates on new developments and ideas in our profession.

We learn more about our fellow members during these presentations. BRG attorneys (several categories) give us tips on legal issues we need to know that could have a major impact on our bottom line. Our insurance specialists help us through the confusing issues of buying business and personal insurance, one of our biggest challenges today. The BRG travel agent gives us the inside track on great deals on cruises and trips. BRG medical professionals give us health advice that help us live longer, better lives or solve immediate medical problems.

Members regularly seek advice from one another on topics of concern or interest prior to engaging the consultant and before incurring professional fees. Most professionals offer free initial consultations to BRG members or referrals.

BRG is a living resource of information and education to us as business professionals and individuals.