BRG members build trust, confidence and friendships in the group

Once you have met BRG members at a meeting or networking event and your business category is open for you to join, you will have the chance to seek membership in the group. After a meeting and interview at your place of business and getting to know the members at meetings, you may be admitted into BRG.

We all build confidence and trust through doing business successfully together and showing one another our expertise and professionalism. Every member is confident that our referrals will be professionally handled, because we are all assured of a high level of professionalism from our fellow members.

BRG also regularly co-hosts networking events with other business and networking groups to build friendships and alliances throughout South Florida. Every new contact creates a new business opportunity for each member.

The web of thousands of contacts, clients, friends and neighbors of each of our nearly 40 members creates enormous business opportunity and potential for each member.

We work together, support one another, build our businesses and keep our eyes on our community to help meet special needs and create business opportunities.