The Business Referral Group has a rich history in South Florida

The Business Referral Group was founded in 1999 by eight people who were looking for an inventive way to grow their businesses. All were members of other networking groups but were disappointed in the dynamics and results of the groups.

They wanted the best of networking group features: a great venue, a luncheon format, convenient parking and low food costs. They wanted time for social interaction, educational presentations and business networking. They wanted business-generating events with other organizations. They wanted a dedicated professional membership that understood and subscribed to the principles of the group.

They decided that the purpose of the group would be to do business with the collective extended client base of all the membership. They wanted only the best, most dependable professionals in each category as members. They did not want a competitive atmosphere between the members, so an exclusive membership, by professional category, was mandated. When a service was needed, the first choice of a professional to fill that service would become a member. They felt that loyalty to each other as clients would be chosen over saving a few pennies. They wanted to meet with each other as often as possible to kindle familiarity and confidence in each other. You can’t perform a shoddy service for a member, or someone a member refers to you, and still meet with that person every week.

They made the rules simple and to the point.

• Members will meet every Tuesday. You can only miss four meetings a quarter.
• Members must give two referrals a month.

Members who are not dedicated to these rules and who do not meet these criteria do not stay in BRG for long.

September 1, 1999 was the date of the first meeting of he Business Referral Group, held at Christy’s restaurant in Coral Gables with eight attending. Derek Cohen, still an active member, was the speaker and the founding president. That meeting began the BRG odyssey that continues today.