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The Business Referral Group, BRG, is the most successful, active, business-generating and fun networking group in South Florida. Members join and stay in the group.

BRG has a rich history in South Florida, with many of the original group of founders still active members. BRG first met in September 1999 in Coral Gables, comprising individuals who had grown disenchanted with various other networking efforts. Learn More

Through luncheon meetings every Tuesday with amiable business professionals in a variety of business categories, we build our businesses through active, tracked referrals and hear speakers that provide us with information that helps us keep ahead of competitors in our market and learn about new developments in other professions.
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Through BRG, we establish business relationships that, like a vast web, lead to other business relationships and increased commerce inside and outside our group.
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We have a very high “fun factor”, in addition to our very successful business efforts. We have special networking events that enable us to strengthen our alliances. We have had weekend cruises, theater and pool parties, cocktail events and many other fun events.
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BRG is a networking group that has only one person per profession, so members complement one another rather than competing within their field.
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We heartily welcome new members in business categories not already covered in our membership. To attend your first meeting as our guest, please Request an Invite

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