BRG 2017 Installation Dinner


2017 BRG Installation Dinner


The jackpot would’ve been nice, Tatiana is definitely not a soar loser.

Answering questions is what Eli Ristine does best to educate her customers

Power Lunches are our way of getting know each other better and learn how we can give and get more referrals from each other.

Is it rigged or is it that he is simply lucky? Poor Paul he did not win this time, but our pity party was short.

5 cards left and the anticipation for the jackpot is palatable!

This real estate attorney wears many hats…sale of the tickets for the Black widow jackpot.

Oh boy where is the magic queen of spades?

What a family BRG Family lunch!

Kevin Cowan sharing a photo op with our Speaker Monica Fidel

When you have experience and want to share it our members and guest will give their full attention.

Cookies and wine…the happiest Travel Agent you’ll find in Miami, Louise Gross.

She’s won the jackpot before, can she do it again?

Where’s the wine…the queen of spades has evaded Louise this time around! BOOHOO

Stir it up real good Tiffany, find the GOLDEN ticket!

A happy crew at BRG lunch.

Business and pleasure do go together after all.

Looks like lunch was really good at Love is Blind.

Each member has the best opportunities to show us how they work and how to market their business for them in everyday conversations with others.

When you need someone to appraise your personal property Monica Fidel is the one to call…what are your valuables really worth?

Amazing Referrals come out of this group. The commitment to excellent service by each member is what makes it work.

It’s always good to be happy when you are organizing with the best Professional organizer in Miami!

Oh well, the wine works wonders!

Oh my goodness! which one???

Drum roll Please- this is a big win…or wine!


















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