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August 6, 2013 Newsletter

Our speaker was Janel Kuhl. Janel graduated from the University of Florida in 2001 with degrees in Interior Design and Marketing. In addition, she is an NCIDQ Certificate Holder, a registered Interior Designer in the State of Florida and a LEED Accredited Professional. Prior to joining her family at the Coconut Grove Gallery & Interiors, Janel worked as an Interior Designer for seven years designing Residential, Hospitality and Healthcare environments for clients all across the United States. Janel also taught Design Studio to the next generation of Interior Designers at Arizona State University, and she promotes sustainability in design at every opportunity.

Janel says that at Coconut Grove Gallery & Interiors the one thing that differentiates them from most places is color. You see colors everywhere. But what is important is how to use color. Colors say a lot about you and about your home. They evoke emotions. They create feelings. For example, red is excitement, power, passion. Yellow is happiness, sunshine, brightness, freshness. Yellow is coming back together with blue. Grey is more somber, quieter, and more serious and sophisticated. Greys are a god way to blend with other colors. Black is more serious, it’s for people that are trying to communicate sophistication and elegance. Green is vitality and life. Greens and blues are very welcoming to the eye. Blue is very common in interior design because it’s very calming, very easy to live with, especially in Miami where the ocean is all around. Purple is not that vibrant, but it shows imagination; though you have to be daring to make purple part of your design scheme. Orange is making a big comeback. Pink is also very big now. White is crisp, clean, very Miamian, makes the space feel open. Browns are the earthy colors, but they are no in right now. It’s probably going to come back in the future. Browns are very traditional.

Most people are afraid of saturation, using from the lightest to the deepest colors of the palette will make a bold statement. To bring color into a room, you can add pillows and accessories in different colors. Some people buy different pillows for each season. Don’t hesitate to revitalize your place with paint. A lot of times in small rooms it can make a huge impact. You can go to the Coconut Grove Gallery & Interiors to get color ideas. They have separate rooms set up with different color schemes. Their designers can also help you with color combinations.

Thanks Janel! Great and colorful information!

We had no winner for the jackpot! The jackpot was $406, and there are only 22 cards left. Keep playing next week! Reed was the winner of the newsletter. Congratulations Reed! This week’s newsletter winner could be 3, but only if you call-in before the weekend. Maybe your number will be chosen next week. Contact Eli if you are the winner.  

Yevgeny presented the new BRG website with lots of improvements. Play around and send your suggestions or comments. Post your news at our website, send messages, and use our social networking.

Remember, there will be no meeting on September 3, as September 2 is Labor Day. No meeting on October 15, as October 16 is the installation dinner.

July 30, 2013 Newsletter

This was the last meeting for the month of July. It’s unbelievable how July came and went so quickly. Our speaker was Sherri A. Romano, Criminal Defense Attorney. She grew up in New Jersey, and attended college at Tulane University in New Orleans, before she came to Miami and attend Law School at UM. She has been practicing criminal defense for 13 years. First she was an associate partner at a small law firm, and now she works for her own law firm. She has been recognized as of the 40 outstanding lawyers under 40, and has been the chairman of the Florida Grievance Committee, which disciplines lawyers for ethical violations.

We have many rights protected by our Constitution. Unfortunately, most people have no idea what those rights are. There are three basic rights that Sherri discussed during her presentation:
1)     The right to remain silent anywhere, anytime. Whenever any person under any circumstance is questioned by the police or by a government agent, the person has the right to say “I do not want to answer any questions.”  This right protects everybody at all times, even if you are innocent. You can add “I’d be happy to answer all your questions, but let me talk to my attorney first;”
2)     You always have the right to an attorney under any circumstances. You don’t need to be told that you have that right. It protects and shields you almost 100% from the government. When you invoke this right, the police must stop immediately from asking any questions; and
3)     The right to refuse to be searched (your car, your house, yourself, etc.). The police or the government has no automatic right to search you, your house, or your office. They need a search warrant signed by a judge.

Thanks Sherri for such an interesting presentation!

Mark your calendars; August 6 is our next Board meeting at Louise’s house, catered by Leslie.

The Installation dinner will be on October 16; there will be no meeting on October 16.

No winners for today’s jackpot. The jackpot is now $391. There are 22 cards left for next week. Reed was the winner of the newsletter. Congratulations! This week’s newsletter winner could be 28 but only if you call in before the weekend. Contact Eli and get some wine to enjoy just for reading.

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