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Networking Event at La Palma March 22, 2017

BRG Newsletter March 18, 2014

Meeting March 18th
We had an interesting meeting today. Paul Kade and Jeff Benjamin explained how to make BRG work for you by attending meetings. Remember that every missed meeting is a missed opportunity.
Paul explained that the key to the success of the group is to make 2 referrals each per month. It is very important to enter your referrals. The website has been revamped and it is working smoothly. The Board looks at the referrals because one of the conditions to belong to BRG is to give referrals. A referral is a perceived need; it does not mean that the person will instantly get a new business. Use common sense to enter your referrals.
Try to provide leads to as many BRG members as you can. Remember that referrals not only come from you personally, but those you know outside of BRG.
Eli helped us navigate the new website. She showed us how to log in with our name and password. If you do not know your name and/or password, please contact Eli. You will find your number for the newsletter under Member Services, Attendance. It is the number on the left column. The Newsletter is under News.
Use Forum (under Member Services) to share your information within the group. You will see a box with a message. An easier way to communicate without sending mass e-mails.
At the bottom of the screen, you will see a dashboard with access to things like Facebook. Use these options to allow people to find you.
Jeff believes that just attending meetings will work for some, but if you take the opportunity to meet individually with each member in the group, it will broaden your horizon. Each of us can then knowledgeably provide good referrals for each other — or possibly become each other’s client.

Attend all meetings – every missed meeting is a missed opportunity. You may miss the one referral that makes your month! Remember to bring qualified guests. The person has to have experience in his/her field. We will all benefit from having more people in the group. They mean more referrals. And lastly, attend all BRG social events. It is a great networking opportunity!

Thanks Paul, Jeff and Eli for your great information!
We had no winner for the jackpot (Ida did not know how to find her number, and now thanks to this great presentation she knows her number.)! The jackpot was $179. There are 40 cards left. Keep playing next week! This week’s newsletter winner could be #11. Contact Eli if you are the winner.

BRG Newsletter March 11, 2014

Meeting March 11th

Our speaker was Leslie Coller. She attended the University of Miami, and received her BA in Business Administration. She has been married to Craig for 29 years, and they have 2 daughters, Molly, 23, who graduated from the University of Miami and is now going to the school of life, and Rachel, who is 20 and a sophomore at Tulane University majoring in Public Health.

Leslie has worked in the Travel industry and in Public Relations for the American Heart Association. She was also the Executive Director for the Mommy’s for Me Campaign. She loves networking and is very active in Public Education.

She found her passion when she became a Fashion Consultant for CAbi (Carol Anderson by invitation). Carol Anderson has been designing clothes for over 30 years, and 11 or 12 years ago she decided with a group of 10 women to have her parties and sell clothes in a comfortable home setting with friends. Now there are 3,700 women. The only way to buy these clothes is from a CAbi consultant. The company is investing millions of dollars in state-of-the-art technology and social networking.

At a CAbi party Leslie brings 96 pieces of clothes and shows them to the women who try them. Attending a CAbi party is a lot of fun. Our BRG women wore the spring collection for us. Clothes are hand or machine washable. Private appointments are also available. Leslie can also travel anywhere in the country, as there are no territories within the US. Thanks ladies and Leslie, we had a lot of fun with this sneak peak of the new spring collection!
We had no winner for the jackpot! The jackpot was $170, and there are 41 cards left for next week. Keep playing! This week’s newsletter winner could be #2, but only if you contact Eli if you are the winner.

BRG Newsletter March, 2014

March 4th
Today’s speaker was Ellen Siegel has been a financial planner and a financial educator for over three decades. She is a fee-based Certified Financial Planner practitioner, a Chartered Financial Consultant and a Chartered Life Underwriter. Ellen served on the national committee creating the questions for the credentialing exam for the CFP designation. She also served as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Miami for 10 years.
She holds a Master’s Degree from Goddard College. She is also an enthusiastic outdoors lover, and she is an active volunteer park ranger for the Everglades National Park, leading canoe and hiking adventures for adults and children.
Ellen is the oldest of five kids, so she is very good at telling people what to do and how to do it. She has been a girl scout for 57 years! A little trivia about Ellen: she speaks Morse code at 60 words per minute!
Ellen has always been motivated by love, and doing good, and socializing. Many years ago, she had a friend that had a lot of assets and she had not inherited anything. So Ellen started thinking how could that be? She then realized that this woman that was financially well off had different behaviors. She then decided to enter the financial world and express her social impulses as a volunteer. She entered the insurance world in 1980. It was an excellent profession for people who had skills and loved flexibility. She needed to help herself, so she decided that she would go into the field to learn.
The feather that she brought with her represents the wood stork, a role model for financial planning. It’s an endangered bird here in South Florida. It needs very specific levels of water to feed. It comes to Florida in the fall to see if the water levels are good enough until April to feed its young. The wood stork cannot fish with high levels of water, and if they are too low, there will not be enough fish. It does not nest if it does not have enough resources to feed its family. Ellen admires that and also their hard work to raise their young. Both parents cooperate when they nest and fly 60 miles each way to catch fish. So the feather is a reminder that financial planning is about what you want to do, what it will take to do it, and if you are willing to do what it will take to do.
Certified Financial Planners are not Stockbrokers. Certified Planners come to the field from all sorts of directions. Ellen understands what motivates people around money. Ellen finds out what makes you happy, what makes you tick, what your needs are, and then she works with 159 models to find the right product for you.
Thanks Ellen for all the useful information!
We had no winner for the jackpot! The jackpot was $150, and 45 cards for left week. Keep playing next week! We had a newsletter winner: James Carter. Congratulations! This week’s newsletter winner could be #13, but only if you contact Eli if you are the winner.

5th Annual South Florida Choral Festival

Saturday, March 8th at 7 PM at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, 1601 N Bayshore Dr, just east of the Omni parking garage at the entrance to the Venetian Causeway. This is a very fun event, the 5th Annual South Florida Choral Festival. There are 8 choruses and choirs participating in this concert, including the Miamians. Each chorus will sing 2 or 3 songs and then the whole group will get up and sing a few numbers together. That should be a BIG sound with over 200 singers up there at once in the acoustically beautiful Cathedral. The show starts at 7PM sharp, tickets at the door are $25. But we will be getting a discount code for our friends to get tickets online for only $15. Call Dominic for details at 305-740-9200. If you go, park in the Omni Garage and walk east across the street to the Cathedral. Present your parking ticket at the Cathedral to be validated for a discount rate of $6 for the event.

The Four Chaplains-Celebration

Sunday March 1st from 2-4 PM at Temple Beth Shira, 7500 SW 120th St, Pinecrest. This is a service celebrating The Four Chaplains. This is a touching remembrance of the 4 WWII Chaplains representing all different religious denominations who, aboard a sinking ship, each gave up their life jackets so that another soldier could survive. They literally gave up their lives for others and went down with the ship. They are remembered every year at this time throughout the country. As you might imagine, we’ll be singing our Patriotic package. Free admission for this service.

BRG Newsletter February 25, 2014

Meeting February 25th
Our speaker was Jennifer Wilson, born in Daytona Beach on March 20, 1981. She moved with her parents to Miami just 6 months later and has lived here ever since. She graduated from Braddock High School in 1999, and later completed some college classes at FIU. At the age of 19, she started her first small business in the printing industry, MIC Apparel, in April 2001, and ran the business until September 2011. She has 2 children, Megan (8) and Peyton (7). She has been a beauty consultant for almost 5 years now and the area manager of a million dollar office for over 3 years. She has won several prizes, such as “Miss Go Give,” “Queen of Recruiting” in 2012, and area “Miss Go Give” in 2013. Her goal is to earn the use of her 1st Free Car.

Jennifer explained that Mary Kay does not sell just lipsticks. The company is devoted to skin care with four different lines that help you keep your skin young, and your cells constantly regenerating with just 5 easy steps. The Botanical line is for people with sensitive skin, even for those that have rosacea. There is also a men’s line, the MK brand that comes in grey and black bottles and tubes.

Mary Kay stands behind its products. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any Mary Kay product, it will be replaced without charge, exchanged or the full purchase price refunded following its return to your authorized Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.

Thanks Jennifer for your wonderful presentation!

The cruise was a big success and everyone came back happy and relaxed, and some a little tipsy!

Natasha’s number was chosen but she did not win the jackpot! The jackpot was $147, and there are 44 cards left for next week. Keep playing next week! This week’s newsletter winner was Nereida, and you could be #5 the next one. Contact Eli if you are the winner.

BRG Newsletter February 11, 2014

Meeting February 11th

The speaker at today’s lunch was Kerry Burns, who was born and raised in the St Louis Missouri area. He attended Campion Jesuit and St Louis University High Schools. He graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Santa Clara University and studied at the Netherlands School of Business. Kerry is a widower, and has a lovely daughter and two grandchildren.

His career has been in the restaurant field with a management background that spans multi-level supervision to owner operator of various concepts in the South Florida marketplace. He was the operating partner in a chain of Godfather Pizza’s, and a number of Wings N Things Restaurants before settling into the proprietorship of a long running neighborhood concept, Miami Wings Restaurant.

Kerry started with his pizza restaurants at a time where there was an explosion of the fast food industry. The pizza industry was the hottest growing business from during the mid 70’s to the mid 80’s. With the God Father’s Pizza he learned that you have to have the best food to be successful. With just $10.00 you were able to feed a small group of people. Eating out became fun an entertaining. When delivering 2 cheap pizzas to the convenience of your home for $10.00 became the hottest thing in the market, Kerry started looking for a new concept. He came across the buffalo wing concept in its earlier days. It was inexpensive at that time, and Kerry capitalized on that concept.

After selling Miami Wings he partnered with Dan Kaplan from Roasters N Toasters New York Deli, and created a healthy catering and special events concept, Mr Smoothie & the Wrap Guy with the intention of fullfilling a need for a healthy dining alternative whether it is for catering or for a party or special event.

Thanks Kerry for your fantastic presentation!
We had no winner for the jackpot! The jackpot was $136. There are 45 cards left for next week. Keep playing next week! This week’s newsletter winner was Louise, and you could be #9 the next one. Contact Eli if you are the winner.

What’s happening in February at Pyramid Studios?


Happy Hour, Friday, February 21. 7 – 10 pm

Join us for a cold beverage and networking with artist Elaine Defibaugh.

Elaine’s recent fluorescent paintings are a combination of gestural landscapes and technical mark-making. At this Happy Hour event we will have on display several new paintings which have never been displayed before. These works are the beginning of a new direction for Elaine as she explores her ideas of technology and its connection with the natural landscape.


Friday, February 21
7 – 10 pm

Pyramid Studios is located at
8890 SW 129 Terrace
Miami, FL 33176

BRG Newsletter February 4, 2014

Meeting February 4th
The speaker at today’s lunch was John Hornbuckle, with United Claims Specialists. John has been a Public Adjuster for 4 years. He has a BS in Business Administration from the University of Buffalo, and Associate’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology.
He has been married to Architect Dorsky-Yue for 14 years and they have a one-year-old son who was adopted from Taiwan when he was 3 ½ years old. John was the Mayor of Biscayne Park for 4 years and a Commissioner for 2 years.
John explained that a Public Adjuster helps private individuals to deal with insurance companies when they need to file a claim. John makes sure your insurance claims are properly presented and that you collect what is fair. Whether your property is residential or commercial; no matter if you have a new claim or you would like to file a supplementary one; even if your insurance company denied your claim, he can help you. Moreover, it is always on a contingency fee, which you pay only if you get your check from the insurance company.
Insurance policies have different degrees. However, it is up to you to prove the extent of your loss to the Insurance Company. Processing an insurance claim is never a simple matter. No two claims are the same and they all require an active experienced Public Adjuster to obtain a fair settlement.
How do you know when to call John? If you need to call a plumber, a roofer or an A/C professional, call him, too.
Thanks John. I was a very informative presentation.
John Adams was the winner of the gift certificate, but we had no winner for the jackpot! The jackpot was $124. There are 45 cards left. Keep playing next week! This week’s newsletter winner could be #32. Contact Eli if you are the winner.

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