BRG Newsletter March 18, 2014

Meeting March 18th
We had an interesting meeting today. Paul Kade and Jeff Benjamin explained how to make BRG work for you by attending meetings. Remember that every missed meeting is a missed opportunity.
Paul explained that the key to the success of the group is to make 2 referrals each per month. It is very important to enter your referrals. The website has been revamped and it is working smoothly. The Board looks at the referrals because one of the conditions to belong to BRG is to give referrals. A referral is a perceived need; it does not mean that the person will instantly get a new business. Use common sense to enter your referrals.
Try to provide leads to as many BRG members as you can. Remember that referrals not only come from you personally, but those you know outside of BRG.
Eli helped us navigate the new website. She showed us how to log in with our name and password. If you do not know your name and/or password, please contact Eli. You will find your number for the newsletter under Member Services, Attendance. It is the number on the left column. The Newsletter is under News.
Use Forum (under Member Services) to share your information within the group. You will see a box with a message. An easier way to communicate without sending mass e-mails.
At the bottom of the screen, you will see a dashboard with access to things like Facebook. Use these options to allow people to find you.
Jeff believes that just attending meetings will work for some, but if you take the opportunity to meet individually with each member in the group, it will broaden your horizon. Each of us can then knowledgeably provide good referrals for each other — or possibly become each other’s client.

Attend all meetings – every missed meeting is a missed opportunity. You may miss the one referral that makes your month! Remember to bring qualified guests. The person has to have experience in his/her field. We will all benefit from having more people in the group. They mean more referrals. And lastly, attend all BRG social events. It is a great networking opportunity!

Thanks Paul, Jeff and Eli for your great information!
We had no winner for the jackpot (Ida did not know how to find her number, and now thanks to this great presentation she knows her number.)! The jackpot was $179. There are 40 cards left. Keep playing next week! This week’s newsletter winner could be #11. Contact Eli if you are the winner.