Justo & Julie Rico from Rainbow Reproduction were our highlighted speakers for the meeting on October 29. Justo comes from a long line of Printers in the family and we are fortunate to have him as part of our group. Julie the face of the company is the one who you will see most of the time at the networking events and delivering your products. Even through the challenges that life tends to throw they are the best team of printers you will find in Miami. On this occasion they spoke to us about:
“How to create a successful marketing piece”

1.What is your budget

2. Choose the type of piece that fits what you want to say – Brochure, letter, postacard.

3. Design – Don’t clutter the piece, Have a “Call to Action”, Have a readable font and appropriate pictures, make the piece an od size if you are mailing it

4.Choose the mailing type & List

First Class is the most expensive for large but cheaper for smaller. Can target a specific audience.           Speedier delivery

Bulk mail requires special list and processing, slower delivery, can target a specific audience

Every door is the least expensive, but is not target specific, delivery by carrier route

5.Marriage Mailing – create a piece advertising not only your company but also with a company that has the same customer base. This way you share the costs.

The incredible experience that Justo brings to the designing of your product is why they are the best.

Julia Salnave with I-Help is our newest member. Welcome to BRG!

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